Bad comparative and superlative

The most common way to say bad is mish imniih which literally means not good but obviously that doesnt have its own comparative or superlative forms. Give it a try

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  1. When comparing three or more nouns, we use superlative adjectives
  2. Primero debemos entender el contexto
  3. bitter
  4. bloodier
  5. bossiest
  6. broad
  7. cheaper
  8. por Griselingles
  9. Paul is the tallest boy in the neighborhood
  10. Comparative adjectives are used to compare one noun to another noun
  11. far: further: the furthest: irregular: My house is
  12. Superlative: To compare 3 or more things
  13. We played worse than in our previous match
  14. Her grades are getting worse and worse